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Low Maintenance Plants

Visit the North Coast Low Maintenance Drought Tolerant Demonstration Garden! Deborah Giraud from the UC Davis Agricultural Extension Service was the prime mover and shaker for this beautiful and educational spot. This 5,000 square foot garden includes perennials of all sizes, shapes and colors, with varying flowering times and periods.


CCC members building mounds.
CCC members building mounds, summer of 1994


These landscape plants were installed on raised mounds in the fall of 1994 and were watered sparsely during the next two summers. Since 1996 this planting has received no summer watering. 


Planting the garden.
Fall of 1994, the planting finished!

This demonstration garden was designed to show the diversity of common and some uncommon landscape plants that would:

Deborah's project has been a great success.


Visit often, even in winter, since different plants take center stage at different times. It's OK to take tip cuttings.

Send an e-mail to Hans if you have questions or can't attach a name to the plant that you've been admiring.

This garden is located at the corner of Alamar Way and Riverwalk Drive (South Twelfth Street) in Fortuna, about a quarter mile north of Denny's. It is open to the public. Behind the garden is Fortuna's latest jewel-in-the-rough, Ogburn Park.

How to build one yourself!