Low-maintenance, Drought-tolerant Gardening

Boy, those words sound like music to the ears! Not a whole lot of work, not a whole lot of water, and year-round flowers, too! I get awfully tired of spending money and my weekends watering the grass, fertilizing the grass, mowing the grass, and then having to pay to get rid of the grass clippings, too! I'd rather go to Ruth Lake! So just how do you go about getting one of these?

Well, it's a pretty major project. This isn't something that you just throw together in a couple of weekends. In fact, the first year it can be expensive and a lot of work. But the second year's expenses and chores are few, and by the third year the thing practically takes care of itself.
"Hold!" I hear you say, "How doest I perceive I canst believeth this and how doest this wizard perform of this magic? Perchance he is jesting or determining our wit?"
Perchance, err, umm, I mean perhaps it doeth seem like magic, but because I take care of a lot of landscapes and since there are only so many hours a day, I've had to learn how to wean many areas from labor intensive gardens to just the opposite. I've made a lot of mistakes along the way but it sure showed me what worked best on the North Coast and what didn't (you learn fast when you have to do the same thing over again the second time!)

There are a definite series of steps to carry out and they also have to be in some kind of order. If you skip one, it could cause major problems later.


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