Creating a Habitat for Birds in the North Coast Pacific Garden

If your garden is impeccably manicured, it's not a paradise for birds. The garden that approximates a wild and natural environment is far more likely to catch a bird's attention. Let nature take the lead. Choose plants that will attract birds, and arrange them to suit their needs.

Bird species support themselves in almost every imaginable habitat, natural or man-made. Still, to attract as great a number and diversity as possible, plan to provide what birds of your locality need.

Grasses and legumes can provide cover for ground nesting birds--especially if the area is not mowed during the nesting season. Some grasses and legumes provide seeds as well. Native prairie grasses are becoming increasingly popular for landscaping purposes.

Consider both residents and temporary visitors, and start by understanding the four essential resources that any habitat provides, no matter what type of user, food, shelter, water, and a place to raise young. Give birds a sense of welcome and encourage greater numbers and varieties of them to stop by.

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