How to grow six varieties of apples in a small area, ripening over five months.

This Braeburn tree was three years old when this picture was taken. Braeburn apples do not ripen until later in the year and are ready for picking in November and December. They store well.


The north coast of California, and in particular Humboldt County, has an excellent climate for growing fruit. It is possible, in just a small area, to grow healthy fruit for the bulk of the year. But you've heard that growing fruit is a lot of work. You also wonder what you are going to do with all that fruit when it matures.

You're not alone. You've seen many neglected apple trees with lots of little apples on the ground. Someone meant well when that tree was planted, but its demands spiraled out of control.

Keeping the planting in perspective

We don't all have two acres for fruit trees. And we have busy lives, we don't really have the time or the desire to manage all that. Keeping a few trees and plants in check takes up little room and greatly lowers the amount of required work. This section addresses how you can, in a small area, provide enough healthy fruit for your family for the bulk of the year. Consider blueberries.

The apple orchard requires only a couple hundred square feet yet has eight different apple trees that ripen consecutively. The trees are managed from the ground and there is no need for a ladder. Every year each tree provides about a bushel basket of fruit, and the apples ripen consecutively from August through December. Sound good?