Gardening Calendar for Humboldt County and the rest of coastal northern California

Gardening by the Calendar

Within the broad expanse of our 50 states, we naturally have great extremes of climate, altitude, sequence of seasons and other controlling factors. This section aims to tell you how to apply to this local region of coastal northern California the principles set forth on this site. If some suggestions differ slightly from the general advice given elsewhere in this site, it is because there are many ways to garden successfully!

Also included in each month's information is that month's changing sun angle. The sun angle information is interesting and is quite important to the gardener. During the cooler part of the year the sun rises later, passes lower in the sky, and sets earlier. The sun is the engine that drives the growing processes, and its daily schedule determines how much energy is passed to the plants. You can also use this information to determine whether a plant near a wall or fence will be in shade or in sun during the growing season. And especially use it before you pour that cement patio, only to discover it'll be shaded during the entire winter.