Your lawn can be the kind you dream about or a maintenance nightmare if it isn't done right.

Simple Steps to a Luxuriant Lawn

Your lawn can be the kind you dream about - lovely and lushly green - if you understand a few simple facts about how grass grows, what it needs in order to thrive, and how the climate influences the timing of the various things you do to help. Maintenance is not nearly so complicated as you might think, considering all of the products offered for use on grass these days.

How to Care for Your Lawn Easily

The most important things to do for your grass are to feed it, mow it, and get rid of the weeds. All of these interrelate. Good mowing and fertilizing help with weed control because weeds cannot push into thick turf. Many opportunistic weeds will move in if the soil is infertile. You will have an easy time with maintenance matters if you do the basic things correctly.

How To Get Rid of Your Weeds

A weed, so far as a lawn is concerned, is any plant that does not blend well with grass. It sticks out like a sore thumb. A new lawn can be expected to have many - unless the soil was sterilized - for weeds arise from dormant seeds present in almost all soils. Some will disappear in time as the grass crowds them out, or because they cannot persist under regular mowing. Still others are rather easily controlled with modern weed killers. So, all in all, the situation may not be as alarming as it appears at first glance.

Control by use of weed killers is generally quite effective in this area. The best time varies somewhat with the location and kind of weed. Usually weeds are most susceptible to chemical control when they are growing vigorously, which usually means when weather is warm and there is ample moisture. Spring or autumn is a good time to go after most broad-leaved weeds in our lawns. There is less chance of injuring lawn grass if a weed killer is not applied during extra hot days. Summer drought may toughen weeds, too, so they become less susceptible to regular amounts of the chemical.