Cliff Garden

The Cliff garden is a long and narrow garden extending several hundred feet along the south side of the River Lodge building. It was named that because it is located on the side of a thirty-foot man-made cliff. This cliff was built with interlocking concrete Lincoln-Log-type structures and is used to secure the foundation.



Rosemay 'Prostrata'

The cliff itself was planted with Prostrate Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostrata', and it is a beautiful spring sight when the Rosemary is in full bloom. This picture was taken shortly after the planting. The Rosemary has taken over since it is very much at home in the cliff. The 'soil' consists of sand and gravel mined right from the river bed. No water or fertilizer is used on the Rosemary, but likely some leaches down from the patio garden up above...