Several different varieties of tomatoes grown in Fortuna
Picture taken in August. You CAN grow tomatoes out in the open in the cool maritime environment near the ocean.
Here are several different varieties of tomatoes grown in Fortuna, names and more information below.

Several Different Tomato Varieties

This picture was taken on the porch steps about mid-August; we had been harvesting tomatoes since about the middle of July. Here are several different tomato varieties that we were growing in Fortuna, about seven miles from the beach. On the left, a couple of Early Girl. The two biggest ones in the middle are Oregon Spring. On the right are the Stupice variety (they will grow almost anywhere but will taste better with some warmth). The smaller orangey ones right behind the quarters are Sun Gold.

Usually we let the tomatoes ripen completely on the vine for maximum sweetness, but the nights were cool and we brought them into the house so they would ripen faster. But the Sun Gold (Sungold?) seldom made it inside—it's amazing how they jump right from the plants into your mouth... They are garden candy; you pull up a patio chair and pick and eat 'em right off the vine, even before they're fully ripe, a perfect complement to the cool season's Sugar Snap peas.

None of these had any protection other than some early spring covers during some really cool nights when there was frost on the roofs. However, they were situated in the garden so they received ample amounts of warmth and light. Placing them next to a structure's south wall or in a protected area of the garden or orchard gave them just that extra amount of heat to produce a good crop. But not all of our tomatoes did well that year. Only a few of the paste tomatoes rip-ened. But experimenting is the fun of gardening!